Saturday at the Tidal Basin

On Saturday, April 6th, Deb and I went to the Tidal Basin to see the cherry blossoms and to paint. It was great to have a painting partner. I wrote in my journal: “Today was a fabulous day. I painted, took photographs, got lost in the metro system, and fell in love with a dream and a guitar and flamenca music. Deb and I went to the tidal basin. It was crowded people from all over the world were there. I could hear all sorts of languages being spoken. People were busily taking pictures of one another with the flowers. The trees had not reached their peak. Many of the flowers remained closed.”

Here are the paintings that I made at the tidal basin on that Saturday:


There was a stage at the Tidal Basin where a wide variety of performers shared their musical gifts. It was there that I fell in love with the guitarist.

The people were interesting, too. I saw a woman whose fashion statement included a blouse decorated with coins that jingle jangled as she walked. I even saw a bride walking down the street, with two attendants carrying her train.

Here are some photographs from the Cherry Blossom festival:











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